Distance course in russian stove masonry

Workshop on the beautiful iland Gotland. In may 2013, 17-23 may ,we are going to build our popular model Herrgård and one traditional model of Russian kitchenstove

If you want more information please contact Ekonomka by mail before 17/4 2013.

This course contains sufficient information about russian stove masonry to guide you through the building of a classic russian kitchen stove. (Look at the picture) It also serves as an entrence to building large models. The course is genuine!

We have built this kitchen stove several times and we know for sure that it is a very nice model regarding effect.
It generates enough heat to heat up an additional heating channel brick wall or an additional heated brick bench. The effect increases in both cases.

The stove do not require large amounts of wood and it will stay warm for about one day after making a fire. Weight about 800 kg. Prints of a brick wall or a bench are available too.

I (Peter) have written this course from my own experiences and from the way i prefer to work.
My knowledge has its origin in a russian school of stove masonry and in further information given to me from experienced stove designers and engineers in Russia.

The price is 6700 SEK and in addition there will be VAT.

We will help you as much as we can by mail in either swedish or english. Pictures are included in the course.

You will recieve a printed compendium with all necessary information in swedish or in english.

I have made this course so that you shall be able to learn at your own place.

Our company is the only one in the western parts of Europe that is in possession of the knowledge about the russian massive stoves. We are able to customize and make each stove unique as we make the prints by ourselves. The russian stoves are famous for their superior effect and low emisson values.

We have already given this course live on the island of Gotland a few times. It's been a three-days-course. The particiapants have all been very satisfied. It is a nice way to get in touch with people and to get the opportunity to try the profession.